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  • If you do not find timely information via the DocumentationPlatform Status, or Bing Ads API Developer Forum, or if the investigation involves sensitive account or personal details, please contact Microsoft Advertising Support. To resolve the issue efficiently, please be prepared to provide support with the following information.

    • Reproduction Steps: Include all header and body elements of the SOAP request, except for the credentials i.e., AuthenticationToken header element. 

    • Issue or Error: Include all elements of the SOAP response, and please also note the date and time when the error occurred.

    • Historical Performance: Indicate whether the same request had worked for you in the past.

    • Frequency: Indicate whether you can now reproduce the issue every time or intermittently.

    • Environment: Indicate whether the issue occurs in the production or sandbox environment.

    For issues related to the Bulk or Reporting service please include the trace for both the request and status poll operations.

    For an issue related to error code 105 or 106, please also include the system identifier for the Microsoft Advertising user's login credentials. To get the user identifier for the current user, call the GetUser service operation and leave the UserId request element null. If GetUser returns error code 1001, then the user does not have access to any Microsoft Advertising account. 

    For more information, please see Handling Service Errors and Exceptions and Authentication with OAuth.

    Tuesday, January 21, 2014 3:13 AM