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  • We built our first SharePoint 2010 site collection on a Standalone SharePoint 2010 installation.  After a certain amout of experimentation and learning, it became apparent that we needed to start over and build SharePoint 2010 as a Server Farm.  Wanting to save the content that we had built on the Standalone installation, we performed a Site Collection Backup on the Top Level Site which was the only Site Collection we had created.  We then turned-off the Standalone installation and built a new Server Farm installation that uses a separate SQL server for SharePoint content.  We then tried to restore the site collection backup to the Server Farm installation from the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell, but the restore fails with the following messages:

    PS C:\Users\SP-Admin> restore-spsite -identity http://ap-web-dev-sp -path c:\temp\site.bak -force

    Are you sure you want to perform this action?
    Performing operation "Restore-SPSite" on Target "http://ap-web-dev-sp".
    [Y] Yes  [A] Yes to All  [N] No  [L] No to All  [S] Suspend  [?] Help
    (default is "Y"):y

    Restore-SPSite : Your backup is from a different version of Microsoft SharePoint
    Foundation and cannot be restored to a server running the current version. The
    backup file should be restored to a server with version '' or later.

    At line:1 char:15
    + restore-spsite <<<<  -identity http://ap-web-dev-sp -path c:\temp\site.bak -force
        + CategoryInfo          : InvalidData: (Microsoft.Share...dletRestoreSite:
       SPCmdletRestoreSite) [Restore-SPSite], SPException
        + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell.SPCmdletRestoreSite

    The SharePoint 2010 Manage Patch Status page on the Farm installation shows that ALL the SharePoint Products are installed with a version of 14.0.4763.1000

    The SharePoint 2010 Manage Patch Status page on the Standalone installation shows that MOST ALL the SharePoint Products are also installed with a version of 14.0.4763.1000, except for three Security Updates which are 14.0.5123.5002

    Why are we getting this error when it SEEMS very obvious that 14.0.4763.1000 is later than ?

    Note: The Standalone installation can still be resurrected if it would be easier to "Export" the content by some other means than through a Site Collection Backup.

    Wednesday, March 23, 2011 3:10 AM


  • Standalone installation had Security Update for Office SharePoint Foundation 2010 (KB2345322) applied while new Server Farm installation did not.  This caused Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 Core to be at version 14.0.5123.5002 on the Standalone installation and 14.0.4763.1000 on the Server Farm installation.  Applying KB2345322 to the Server Farm installation corrected the error.  So, the error message is GENERALLY correct, but SPECIFICALLY misleading.  It should have reported "... version '14.0.5123.5002' or later."  Maybe the version was incorrectly formatted into the error message, after all is close to 14.0.5123.5002 as we now see with 20/20 hindsight.
    Thursday, March 24, 2011 12:55 AM