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  • I must be doing something wrong.  I create a sharepoint site and configure, I run backups, uninstall sharepoint then reinstall and perform the restore from Central admin using below.  I restart the server but now only the initial setup site is there.  None of my groups, users or sub sites are there.  There must be something simple I am missing but for the life of me I can’t figure it out. 



    Use Central Administration to restore a farm

    You can use the Central Administration Web site to restore a farm.

    To restore a farm by using Central Administration

    1. Verify that you are logged on as a member of the Farm Administrators SharePoint group.

    2. In Central Administration, on the Home page, in the Backup and Restore section, click Restore from a backup.

    3. On the Restore from Backup — Step 1 of 3: Select Backup to Restore page, from the list of backups, select the backup job that contains the farm backup, and then click Next. You can view more details about each backup by clicking the (+) next to the backup.

      If the correct backup job does not appear, in the Backup Directory Location text box, type the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path of the correct backup folder, and then click Refresh.

      You cannot use a configuration-only backup to restore the farm.

    4. On the Restore from Backup  — Step 2 of 3: Select Component to Restore page, select the check box that is next to the farm, and then click Next.

    5. On the Restore from Backup — Step 3 of 3: Select Restore Options page, in the Restore Component section, ensure that Farm appears in the Restore the following component list.

      In the Restore Only Configuration Settings section, ensure that the Restore content and configuration settings option is selected.

      In the Restore Options section, under Type of Restore, select the Same configuration option. A dialog box will appear that asks you to confirm the operation. Click OK.

      If the Restore Only Configuration Settings section does not appear, the backup that you selected is a configuration-only backup. You must select another backup.

      Click Start Restore.

    6. You can view the general status of all recovery jobs at the top of the Backup and Restore Job Status page in the Readiness section. You can view the status for the current recovery job in the lower part of the page in the Restore section. The status page updates every 30 seconds automatically. You can manually update the status details by clicking Refresh. Backup and recovery are Timer service jobs. Therefore, it may take several seconds for the recovery to start.

      If you receive any errors, you can review them in the Failure Message column of the Backup and Restore Job Status page. You can also find more details in the Sprestore.log file at the UNC path that you specified in step 3.

    7. When the restore process has completed, you must restart one or more service applications. In Central Administration, on the Home page, in the Application Management section, click Manage services on server.

    8. On the Services on Server page, start any service applications that are not started that you want to run, by clicking Start in the Actions column next to the service application.

    9. Re-establish any trust relationships. For more information, see Exchange trust certificates between farms (SharePoint Foundation 2010).

    Wednesday, June 30, 2010 4:17 PM

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  • One other thing that happens after the restore.  I will see two servers show up in the farm.  One will be the server's bios name and the other will be the ip address of the server and one will show as not configured. 
    Wednesday, June 30, 2010 4:32 PM