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  • I do not support your decision to encourage posting on Stack Overflow. I find the site restrictive, and there is a lot of cyber bullying that goes on there. New users can be easily blocked so that questions cannot be asked with their account. Furthermore, the account cannot be closed or a new one opened because they block users by IP. All my posting experiences there have been bad ones. The community is good, but the people are rude and too often the people with higher reputation bully the new people. Furthermore, they do not encourage discussion, questions about questions and will repeatedly remind people that stack overflow is "not a forum". I think you should reconsider your support of stack overflow and reach out to ALL USERS of microsoft products and not just users that can manage to claw their way through stack overflow. 


    James Bailey

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  • Hi James,

    Thanks for your valuable feedback.

    I'll send your feedback to related teams.

    Best regards,

    Chester Hong
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    Monday, May 20, 2013 5:27 AM
  • Hello James Bailey,

    I am Ellie Kesselman, but this is me on Stack Overflow. I don't work for Stack Exchange, nor am I affiliated in any way, merely as a registered user. You are correct, that some community participants can be overbearing, and excessively terse. I like asking clarifying questions too, like you mentioned. I have also been told "not a forum" and worse, as it is embarrassing, "this isn't social". I am not a moderator, but if you ever return, and get really annoyed (I won't say cry, because men don't like to acknowledge ever doing that, or that it is an appropriate reaction; I cry, now and then), just hail me as @Feral Oink (that is how you can get the attention of any user) and if I am in the vicinity, I will try to help e.g. by complaining loudly on your behalf on Meta SO, or at a minimum, by being sympathetic.

    The second rather odd thing is that for some products, Google has been using Stack Overflow for user help for several months now, since Google employees stopped supporting user forums, or product forums. Now they say that Google staff will respond to questions based on their corresponding tags on Stack Overflow e.g. for Google Prediction API or Google OAuth something-or-other. It would be nice to be told in advance that you are providing Google users with customer support, though! (I'm not sure why Google couldn't just pay for a license or product key for the Stack Exchange platform, and use that in their forums. Google is doing that with Lithium forum software for their Enterprise GIS, or rather, maps and maybe a few other products.)

    Be all this as it may, I would encourage you to give Stack Exchange another chance, and suggest this:

    If you find it just too awful on Stack Overflow, try one of the other closely related stacks, if at all possible. Superuser and Programmers are less trafficked but more friendly, especially Superuser. IT Security is VERY good if you have a question pertaining to security. I have never noticed anyone being told to go to the chat room to discuss the answer to a question there! Many of the moderators on Security, WebApps and Superuser are very bright and experienced in their fields. There is no "fan worship", nor down vote cliques.

    ~~~~~~~ Ellie K ~~~~~~~

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