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  • Hi,

    i have to create a workflow which basically implement CAPA process. In workflow based on decision i have to assign task to user, also i have to send daily alerts and reminder email before the deadline.

    Is there any steps / article regarding implementing CAPA workflow in SP.

    Please also suggest better way to develop CAPA business workflow should i use SP Designer or Timer Job.

    so please give me an idea how i can set daily reminder and alerts during workflow lifecycle.



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  • Hi

    regarding workflow , i suggest you to use scheduled task , and powershell scripts

    For this

    On your list add a new column name it - COL_SEND_MAIL -  type YEs, NO, default value NO

    In your workflow, which will start when n item is changed, and when COL_SEND_MAIL = YES

    next step: send email as you need

    next step: revert value COL_SEND_MAIL=NO

    The powershellscript will parse the list - each night - as you  schuled it , and based on your conditions ( like DUE_date = today ) if are true will replace COL_SEND_MAIl with YEs ( this way will force the workflow to start )

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