Workflow and Infopath Form Design Decision


  • Scenario:

    Have a form with around 30 fields in it.

    When this form gets submitted the WorkFlow should get started.

    Decision to make:

    1. Should i make this form data goto a sharepoint form library and start the WF when a new item is created in the form library and display the user with the Initiation form? (can i do this??)

      The Initiation form will have only one field (where user can type some comment) and a submit button.

      The form having 30 fields, have information from Active Directory and end user typed data.

      The active directory information, i also need in the workflow like emails
    2.  So, my doubt is that can the form with 30 fields should be used as the initiation form (i dont think so but wanna make sure) if not then how do i get information from active directory, i think i will need to pull it again.

    3. Can i have a workflow with no Activation form, no Initiation form but ONLY modification form exists in the Workflow??

    Thursday, December 06, 2007 9:25 AM


  • Initiation forms are great for starting workflows on items which already exist in SharePoint - usually documents. For workflows which run against forms submitted by users on a per workflow basis there's no value in using an initiation form as well. You're better off capturing all the information you need in the first instance.

    You can certainly do as you suggest and have a workflow with a modification form but no initiation form.
    Thursday, December 06, 2007 10:40 AM