18020 Unable to find virtual machine import files... SharePoint BETA 2 (Information Worker) VM VHD


  • Hyper-V Import of SharePoint Beta 2 "Information Worker" Virtual Machine is never recognized; returns 18020.

    I Have tried the following procedure (and alternatives):

    1. Re-downloaded latest files (BETA 2 Information Worker)

    2. Run Ext 2010-4a.part01 in C:\SP BETA2 Download Files\

             Results:Ext 2010-4a with sub folders"Virtual Hard Disks" and "Virtual Machines" and XML Document "config"

    3. Copied the EXT 2010-4a (and 4b) to the E:drive for backup and reuse following 18020 failures

    4. Run Hyper-V > Actions > Import Virtual Machine..., specifying:

             Location: C:\SP BETA2 Download Files\Ext 2010-4a\Virtual Machines (have also tried the Virtual Hard Disks)

             Settings:(have tried both of the following individually separated by a restoration of the Ext 2010-4a folder)

                       "Move or restore the virtual machine (use the existing unique ID)"

                       "Copy the virtual machine (create a new unique ID)"

    5. Immediate result: 18020.


    Other work-around attempted: Create Virtual machine from "NEW" specifying each of the following individually:

              "Create a virtual hard disk" and "Use an existing virtual hard disk"

    Result: a VM that will not allow me to Login - just change passwords.


              The Virtual Network is setup as specified in the accompanying download instructions:

                     IP address:

                     Subnet mask:

                     Default gateway: (blank)

                     Preferred DNS server:

    Host: Windows Server 2008 R2 on Intel motherboard with 8 Gig RAM C: partition of 500GB with VT enabled in the BIOS

    Have started over from a clean slate repeatedly by deleting all VMs and all Virtual Networks

    This is a new clean install of the WS2008.  I have not had anything on it before.

    What are the "Gotchas?" 

    Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.


    Monday, May 17, 2010 5:58 PM

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