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  • I have a question about checking in updated Telerik tools to TFS 2010. I already have the Telerik tools stored in TFS from last year.

    I downloaded the Telerik ASP.NET UI ASO.NET_AJAX_2017_1_228_Dev.msi and installed the software on my computer successfully.
    I then tried to checkin the changes to TFS (team server foundation) 2010, and the TFS said it was going to undo the changes place them back the way the were on the server. The only option buttons I had were OK or help.

    When I did a compare in TFS of the files on my worksation versus what was in TFS on the server there is no difference. However when I look at the modified dates through windows explorer in the bin folder with the file names that start with Telerik, there are todays date.

    Thus can you tell me when I do a compare of files, is there some type of files I can not compare? Is there a special way that I need to compare nonstandard files? If so, how would I accomplish this compare?

    Can you tell me why TFS 2010 would not let me check those files in? Do I need to check them out first before I run the installation on my computer?

    Friday, April 21, 2017 7:09 PM

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  • Hi wendy,

    Thank you for posting here.

    Do you mean that you want to check in the files which generated after the MSI installation?  What’s the type of the file you want to check in?  Do you have any ignore/exclude settings for avoiding them to check in to source repository? Please see Customize which files are ignored by version control for more information.

    Could you please share the detail steps to reproduce this issue?

    In addition, are there any error messages or log files to describe the issues? Please share them if possible as they will helpful for our troubleshooting.

    Thanks & Best Regards.

    MSDN Community Support
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    Monday, April 24, 2017 10:07 AM
  • Just installing the tools on your pc doesn't mean files were changed in your project/solution, which is probably why the diff doesn't show changes. The installation most likely added files either to the GAC (with new versions) or to a folder of their own.

    It most likely due to the fact that your solution/project is refereeing to the old versions of the dlls and you need to re-reference them again. If the new tool files were installed to their own folder, you should probably copy them to your own solution/project folder and then re-reference or place the files in the usual place you use and that your build server uses (assuming you have that as well).

    5 hours 9 minutes ago