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  • Hi Team,

    I have been struggling to access Bing API since a week and it is quite exhausting now. i have read all the available resouces.

    So, My client has created an Azure app for me, which has the following access - 

    Microsoft Graph - AuditLog.Read.All & User.Read

    My id has access to - Security Reader

    Under the manifest (for app) I have changed - 

    signinAudience - AzureAd&PersonalAccount and accessTokenAcceptedVersion - 2

    Also, I have added approles - 

                "allowedMemberTypes": [
                "description""Consumer apps have access to the consumer data.",

    I want to access Bing API to fetch the data for my client and it is on very high priority. i am not sure what I am missing right now. 

    I am trying to access through my work account as the access to the ads account is only on work/office account (not on the personal).

    After all the changes and reading documentation, I am still getting the same error - 

    AADSTS650052: The app needs access to a service (\"https://ads.microsoft.com\") that your organization \"47eede07-0129-40ef-a5d4-9e87787f923d\" has not subscribed to or enabled. Contact your IT Admin to review the configuration of your service subscriptions

    Highly appreciate your help and prompt response.

    Thank You

    Monday, July 27, 2020 6:03 PM

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