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    Customer has a Discussion Board list which has some existing discussions. Then he changed the Subject of a discussion. However, the subject value in the Flat view navigation didn’t change, it still was the old value. In Subject view or Management view, it showed the new value.

    Repro Steps:

    1. Create a Discussion Board list, create a discussion, set its subject to “Test1210”

    In Subject view, it shows as:

    In Flat view, it shows as:

    2. Edit the discussion, and change its Subject to “Test1210-2”. In Subject view, it shows:

    However, if clicking the discussion, it shows the old value instead of the new one in the navigation, like the below


    In fact, the value in Flat view navigation is a folder name which by default is given the name of the discussion name when it is created. However, if you then change the discussion name, it does not automatically update the folder name. It is by default.


    To change the value, there are two ways to achieve it.

    Method 1:

    Use SharePoint Designer 2013 to change the value directly:

    1. Open the site using SharePoint Designer 2013

    2. Go to All files->lists-> [your discussions list], then find the discussion      that you want to change, and rename it:

    If there are a lot of discussions whose subject has been changed, you need to do the same steps for all changed discussions, it
    will be in
    convenient. In this case, we suggest you use the method 2.

    Method 2:

    Create a SharePoint Designer workflow to change the folder's name.

    1. Create a SharePoint Designer workflow for the discussions list

    2. Design your workflow like:

    3. For Start Options, set it as:

    Using this method, the discussion name will be automatically synced into the folder’s name in Flat view navigation.

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