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  • Hello~

    I am developing custom driver and software for pen and special screen pattern and I have one issue with screen resolution/ratio.

    Probably, this is related to ratio of second connected screen (beam projector). Anyway, in special cases calibration of my custom pen works slightly wrong if there is a change of ratio(4:3, 16:9 etc.) of beam projector. Its only one of the possible reasons and I wanted to fix this situation for all possible use cases. I guess after changing ratio Windows Displays dont get new parameters, if any (probably because it dont need to).

    Currently manual fix of this issue is by opening "Tablet PC Settings" in "Control Panel", In configuration block chose "Setup..." and find Beam projector screen via pressing Enter button and touch the screen. So after that Windows probably change some system variables (which I want to know or just get reference to that function), and calibration works well even Without making a new calibration. 

    And important factor which I almost forgot to say, it happens only with Notebooks/Laptops.

    So briefly summarizing, if beam projector ratio is not default or changed from last time on laptops - calibration works not precise, having '5-20% of screen size' offsets in various axis. And Re-calibration doesn't help.

    After using Setup function of Tablet PC Settings and just choosing display and touching (display is not touchable itself, just usual beam projector, but in my case I use pen to touch the surface after choosing projector screen via Enter) windows calls and performs some 'function' of rearranging parameters or so, and I want to use that function inside my calibration application.

    Question is, what kind of function is it?~ How can I find/use it.

    Hope I described situation well enough. I could not find documentation so have to ask here. ~ This problem pursuing me long time and I hope I can get some help here

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