How can i sort a List<sting> randomly? RRS feed

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  • I have a pack of cards:
            public static readonly List<string> PackNew = new List<string> 
              { "club_1", "club_4", "club_3", "club_2", "club_10", "club_9", "club_8", "club_7", 
                "spade_1", "spade_4", "spade_3", "spade_2", "spade_10", "spade_9", "spade_8", "spade_7", 
                "heart_1", "heart_4", "heart_3", "heart_2", "heart_10", "heart_9", "heart_8", "heart_7", 
                "diamond_1", "diamond_4", "diamond_3", "diamond_2", "diamond_10", "diamond_9", "diamond_8", "diamond_7" };
    Can I sorting this collection randomly in to the new varible?
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