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    I'm stuck with DCOM server registration process.

    I have 2 PC in one domain, and I can access them wiht my username and password. Also I have a COM server on one PC and COM client on another. I can call COM server methods from client successfully via DCOM. I want to let COM server call methods of client's interface. So I try to call 

        HRESULT BackCall([in] IClientInterface* pIntrf);

    but if I test that in network, method fails with E_ACCESSDENIED, and if I test that on localhost, method successfully finished and server can call client's interface's methods.

    Is there any explanation why that happens and is there a tutorial about how to modify COM server/client to allow server to call client's interface's methods.

    Here is modified example from Dale Rogerson "Inside COM" book that I try to use:



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