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    The problem is the setup and deployment installed templates are missing from my version of visual studio.net 2010 professional edition. I want to have these templates available since the programmer before me deployed the C# 2010 web application I am suppose to support using a 'setup.exe' and 'application.exe'. I do not want to change the method of how the application is deployed to production since I will only be making enhancements. **Note: I am the only programmer at this company.

    I want to mention the following about my workstation:

    1. I have Visual Studio.net 2008 professional edtion on my workstation. I do not remember the options I selected for the first install, but I was using it for a C#.net 2008 desktop application. The visual studio 2008 has the setup and deployment templates available.

    2. I never removed Visual Studio.net 2008 professional edition from workstation.

    3. I installed  visual studio.net 2010 professional and probably selected C# and web development projects for the initial install.

    Should I do one of the following:

    1. Is there a way to ask visual studio 2010 for the setup and deployment templates for web applications? If so, how do you accomplish this task?

    2. Is there a conflict with visual studio 2008 and 2010 on my workstation? Do I need to change some setting?

    3. Should I uninstall visual studio 2008?

    3. sould I uninstall visual studio 2010 and reinstall it? If this is the case, when the visual studio 2010 professional is used for the first time, what options should I select if I want to work on? I do want C# and work on web application proejcts.

    If you have other suggestions, can you let me know what they are?

    27 апреля 2012 г. 16:25


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  • 1) The templates would be installed when VS is installed.  There is no option to install them manually

    2) There would be no conflicts between 2008 and 2010

    3) VS 2010 installs the templates in Pro.

    Do you have the Other Project Types node in the Add New Project dialog?

    Under the Other Project Types node in the tree (on the left) do you have the Setup and Deployment node?

    Under the S&D node do you have the Visual Studio Installer node?

    Click the VSI node in the tree and the option for a setup project should appear in the listview on the right.

    A word of warning - setup projects are not supported anymore starting with VS11.  You'll need to use InstallShield LE going forward or keep a copy of VS2010 around.

    Michael Taylor - 4/27/2012

    27 апреля 2012 г. 17:29
  • I did not know there was a 'Under the S&D node do you have the Visual Studio Installer node'. I found the templates I was looking for.


    Are you saying with vs11 that I can use InstallShield LE? If so, can I use InstallShield LE to access setup and deployment proejcts? 

    27 апреля 2012 г. 19:41
  • The Setup Project is no longer supported starting with VS11.  It never was very good to begin with so it is being removed.

    Going forward the only builtin setup option will be InstallShield's LE version that will ship as an installable option in VS.  If you don't want to use IS then you can look into NSIS or WiX.  If you have existing Setup Project projects then they won't be usable in VS11.  You'll either need to manually convert them (there isn't an automatic option that I'm aware of) or keep a copy of VS 2010 around.

    More official documentation is available here:

    Michael Taylor - 4/27/2012

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