net.tcp: ¿how to consume service from internet?


  • I am doing probes with a simple WCF application. I have a self host service and the client. I the same computer or in the same LAN I can send message from service to the client and I can send messages from the client to the service (is a duplex communication).

    However, I want to be able to consume the service outside the lan, from internet, but if I use my public IP i get the following error: the remote target machine activel refused the connection.

    If I do ping to my public IP, all the packages arrive, in my router, in the NAT configuration, I open the ports (net.tcp an mex ports) and I have disabled the firewall of windows XP (I am using a windows XP installed in a virtual machine).

    If I want to access to the metadata, in the internet browser I use the following address: http://localhost:7998/ChatHost, then I get the information of the service. If I change "localhost" with which is the dirección of the PC with the service, I can get the metadata too, and I can get it from any computer of the LAN. If I use my public IP instead of localhost then I get the refused connection error.

    All the information that I can get from internet to resolve this problem it's open the the port in the firewall. I have disabled the windows xp firewall and I open the port in the router, but this does not resolve my problem.

    How can I consume a net.tcp service from internet?


    5 марта 2012 г. 9:00

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