C# 2010 ide options


  • I have a C# 2010 web application that was created and tested using cassini the default web server in visual studio.net 2010. I am planning to deploy the web application using the web setup and deployment project template since that is the way the application is currently deployed in production.
    I now want to deploy the web application to iis on my workstation. (I want to complete  this task since I have never worked with a web project for deployment in the past and i am the only programmer at my company. I basically want to see how this works for production so I will know what to do when I deploy my enhancements to production. )
    I know that IIS 7 that is compatible with II6  is installed on my workstation since the network administrator installed IIS for me. He not did run the command to make certain iis communicates with asp.net
    Now I have the following questions:
    1. Since the network administrator installed IIS for me, does that mean IIS runs as a server on my workstation like it does it production? If not, can you tell me what else I would need need to do and/or else what else I need to learn?
    2. Since I have a web setup and deployment project, can you tell me if I need to point the the deployment package to where iis is running? If so, can you tell me what parts of the deployment I need to point to IIS?
    3. Can  you tell me and/or point me to a reference that will tell me where iis is acutally located at?
    4. Once have have the deploy package communicating with IIS, how would I run the deployed web application so that I know it is using IIS as the web server instead of using cassini?
    28 апреля 2012 г. 3:12