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  • Hi everione
         I want to develop games, but i don't know what is better and easier to use OpenGL or DirectX?
                 Do somebody know it?
    • Перемещено Siddharth Chavan 1 октября 2010 г. 19:53 MSDN Forums Consolidation (От:Общая Архитектура)


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  • DirectX of course. 
    25 сентября 2009 г. 13:44
  • First of all OpenGL and DirectX are completely different things. It would be more appropriate to compare OpenGL with Direct3D and SDL with DirectX.

    There's no simple answer. OpenGL has some advantages. It's definitely easier for learning and it's a free standard with support for extensions so any video chip manufacturer can add an extension to OpenGL. Direct3D gains new features only with a new version. There's no problem like DX10 or DX11 which are available only on latest Windows versions. Any OpenGL version and any extension can be used on any Windows version. And don't forget that if you use DirectX you make your games available only to users of operating systems which have DirectX implemented by Microsoft for them. Which is of course only Windows. SDL and OpenGL are implemented on a lot of popular operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS X and a few others) with more than 99.99% total market share on desktop computers.
    28 декабря 2009 г. 5:43