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  • FYI

    On Windows 7 we don't crack advapi32.dll any more. Now we crack cryptsp.dll.
    This is cracked version of cryptsp.dll. Applied crack allows using custom CSP
    dll not signed by Microsoft. Also, you will need to replace manifest associated
    with cryptsp.dll. If you wish to manually change the original manifest instead
    of, copying this one, change only SHA-256 hash in manifest.
    The SHA-256 hash of the patched dll is in BASE64 encoding. To create manually
    openssl dgst -sha256 -binary "C:cryptsp.dll.cracked" | openssl enc -base64
    -out "C:digest_b64_encoding.txt"
    C:digest_b64_encoding.txt will now contain SHA-256 hash for manifest.
    If you would like to patch cryptcsp.dll manually:
    DLL version must be 6.1.7600.16385 (Tested on Windows 7 Ultimate x86)
    At offset 0x3CF4 change 0F 85 -> 90 E9
    Tobia Quantrill		

    In Comments:

    hormonat, if you are developing CSP dll, windows will not use it unless it's been digitally signed by Microsoft. Signing process takes sometimes 24 hours, sometimes more. Waiting for it in order to test developed dll is really waist of time. AdvApi32.dll contains crypt API functions. On XP it also checks for the signature, so it was necessary to crack that dll. On Windows 7 things are slightly different. CryptAcquireContext API will load CryptSP.dll which will check the signature. So, we have to crack that one now. Please note that this is for development purposes only on development machine in order to save time.
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