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  • I have a challenge to involve using of HTC components (implementations of DHTML behaviors) on Web/HTML page within coded UI tests from VS 2010 testing tool. 
    My problem is to use properties/variables that included inside the HTC component with coded UI tests, because this one type of element is not supported so widely as general HTML elements those expose their properties for using in a coded UI test. 
    The sample of missing feature is impossibility to set assert on some property of HTC component during recording step of UI test.
    One another problem is to get distinct element from HTC component by test recording.
    UI test architecture by its covering documentation has a lot of extensibility points for an adoption to custom needs (details of points: 
    But negligible amount of information about the extensibility describes generally extending of .Net UI elements (wpf / winform/ VS excel templates). And in my case i I need to provide testing support for Web browser element (HTC component), that isn't part of .NET framework and supplied by MSHTML web plug-in.
    For my vision that ensues from researches on appropriate sources of MSDN and Microsoft Tech blogs there isn't some suitable information than can result this type of challenge.
    I'll very appreciative to get your help for this issue.
    Plese have my apologies for english writing.

    11 июля 2011 г. 12:38


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  • Hello!

    This is russian MSDN forum, english forum is here.

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  • the translation :


    Как можно добавить поддержку HTC component при записи(recording) coded UI test в Visual Studio 2010?

    Отдельные элементы в HTC не распознаються и не возможно поставить на них assert.

    Распознается только весь HTC, как HTML CUSTOM.

    Возможно ли расширить  UI Tests Architecture для HTC ?


    12 июля 2011 г. 11:08