How to move users in Exchange to local databases PS RRS feed

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  • Hello colleagues,

    Could you please help me with moving users in exchange based on av. amount of users on each db.

    Each user is creating on 1 DB automaticaly and I need to move twice a day users to separated DB's based on av. amount of users on each DB.


    all users are creating on DB01 than i should find av amount of all users on all DB and run script that move all users to others DB based on av amount

    Get-MailboxDatabase -Server MBX02 | Get-Mailbox -ResultSize:Unlimited  | group -Property Database  | select Name, Count

    Name Count Must be in DB after running of script
    DB01 2000 984
    DB02 1800 984
    DB03 1500 984
    DB04 200 984
    DB05 200 984
    DB06 200 984

    How to do this

    27 марта 2018 г. 7:30