Excel Services Access Denied Error for SharePoint 2007 with Kerberos


  • We have a sharepoint 2007 farm with the following configuration

    • Web 4 (WFE + Excel Services)
    • Web 5 (WFE + Excel Serices)
    • Web 6 (Search Query)
    • Index1 (Index Server)
    • sql (Sql server)

    Three basic accounts, farm (for central admin, SSP, SSP WebApp), Pool (All other web applicaiton)

    Two web applications ( and, Shared Services - SSPI. The web front ends are load balanced with DNS.

    We configured SPNs, For the farm account, Pool account, Set the computers and accounts to allow for delegation. Set the component servers to delegate.

    Every thing works fine except for the excel services. When the host file is set to hit Web 4 everything works fine, But we target web 5, half of the excel webparts in the dashboard fail with access denied error. When we checked the farm logs, we see that for those it is trying to go through the web4/excel services which fails with authentication.

    Any ideas on how to fix/debug this issue?

    15 февраля 2012 г. 13:43

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