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  • I am migrating code from .net 4.6.2 to .net core/.net standard 2.2.

    I am trying to find alternate for ExceptionManager.Publish() in .net core.

    My current code is like below :

    using Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.ExceptionManagement;

               Exception e = new Exception(strMessage);

              ExceptionManager.Publish(e, objLogInfo);

    And in Config we are specifying where exactly to log the event

    <publisher mode="on" assembly="Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.ExceptionManagement" type="Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.ExceptionManagement.DefaultPublisher"      logname="myLog" applicationname="myasmx" />

    I used  nugets like - EnterpriseLibrary.ExceptionHandling  & EnterpriseLibrary.ExceptionHandling.netcore 6.3.0

    is there any support for ApplicationBlocks.ExceptionManager .net core? Please help me out in fixing it.

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