How to remove Server Endpoint of “Azure File Sync” that has no VM instance (server)


  • When deleting Azure File Sync resource, Microsoft recommended to remove the Server End Point first. But I didn't read that page at that time. So I deleted my VM first and then I tried to delete the File Sync resource but it didn't work because there was no online server.

    The error message:

    Endpoint: 'FILESYNC'
    code: MgmtServerJobExpired
    detail : Server job with command name DeleteServerEndpoint and id 120efd5a-178c-4b93-8a1c-484b0bb063cd expired.
    상관 관계 ID: 3896a4c7-f49c-4b67-92a9-963b3e3a7fc3
    요청 ID: 6313bbba-e2ff-4250-8f76-2cb4d66a34d0

    How can I solve this problem?

    luni, 9 iulie 2018 12:17


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