SQL Managed Instance deployment taking too long


  • I have deployed Azure SQL Managed Instance, and on document it is written it will taking around 24 hours for it to get deployed. But in my case, it is well over 48 hours but still the status is showing deploying.
    joi, 12 iulie 2018 09:38

Toate mesajele

  • Hello,

    Thank you for letting us know. I will share your feedback with the Azure team.


    Alberto Morillo

    joi, 12 iulie 2018 10:54
  • Hello,

    The Azure SQL Database team is asking me on what region you are deploying the managed instance.

    Thank you in advance for the information provided and thank you for your patience while the team address this issue.


    Alberto Morillo

    joi, 12 iulie 2018 13:54
  • Hi Alberto,

    The region is West India.

    The current status is: Deploying... (2 days 4 hours 43 minutes 53 seconds)



    joi, 12 iulie 2018 15:17
  • Hello,

    Thank you very much for your quick response.

    Allow me to provide this information to the team. Thank you for your patience.


    Alberto Morillo

    joi, 12 iulie 2018 15:20
  • Hello Kundan, 

    I just received confirmation from my team  that your first instance has been deployed. We apologize for the long wait time.

    Please note that if you plan to deploy second instance, that operation will take only few minutes as virtual cluster is created in your subnet,

    I'd like to inform you that Managed Instance team is making great progress on reducing time of the first instance deployment (few hours instead of 24+ hours). Results are now visible in majority of Azure regions while this improvement will be completed worldwide by end of July. If you have more questions about Managed Instance, do not hesitate to reach out to me directly. Thanks again for your patience!


    Borko Novakovic ( 

    joi, 12 iulie 2018 17:01
  • Hello Borko,

    Yes, it has been deployed. Thanks!

    vineri, 13 iulie 2018 04:38