The New Portal is Slow


  • Question from @datachick:

    "Did the Azure Portal take Canada Day off? Is it just too brewed up to respond? Or is the customs guys slowing it down?"

    They are using the New Portal but they are still seeing 15 sec load times.


    miercuri, 1 iulie 2015 22:45


Toate mesajele

  • Hi,

    This forum is for discussion on Azure SQL Database. Just wanted to know the slowness issue is with SQL Database or accessing the new portal.

    Could you please provide some more details for better understanding of the issue?



    joi, 2 iulie 2015 03:21
  • Hi David,

    We haven't seen any issues reported with the portal  (  or ) . Could you try IE11 by clearing cookies , clear cache and check Inprivate browsing.


    Shirisha Paderu

    joi, 2 iulie 2015 08:16
  • Hi Shirisha,

    I tried different network different browser and different computer. it is just killing me. totally unacceptable. crazily slow. I want to kill myself twice to wait this portal to load.

    other websites are totally fine. AWS portal is much better.

    Please provide a reasonable explanation on this.



    miercuri, 21 martie 2018 06:51
  • I can confirmed this too. Can't load anything in Cloud Services section of the portal.

    It stays loading forever.

    miercuri, 13 iunie 2018 17:04
  • I just arrived here as I was making a support request in the Azure Portal, because it is horribly slow the last couple of days.
    Filling out the Support Request, it suggests there is a Service issue, but loading the Service Health - Service issues page, just does not work... not even loading the contents of the page, like so many other pages.
    So it suggested this post as a possible 'solution'. ;-)

    Totally understand the responses here.
    Frustrating to be an Azure DevOps today :-(
    miercuri, 1 august 2018 09:27