Azcopy from blob to azure cluster slow


  • I'm using WestUS serve for azure cluster and blob. Usually I used Azcopy to transfer 3Gb's data in about 5-10 secs, but today from 8:30AM to 2:00PM EDT, the speed is as slow as 1-2MB/s. All the action I made is the same as usual. 
    vineri, 18 mai 2018 17:57


  • You should investigate if something is wrong on the client side or on the network. If you enable Azure Storage logging, you can compare Server latency and E2E latency to see whether blob service was at fault or client/network. For more information on this, Refer : Monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot Microsoft Azure Storage.

    You can also use Storage Explorer is an alternative solution for this , If you want to avoid installing the tools, useAzure storage Web Explorer .


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    vineri, 18 mai 2018 20:07

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