Testing metro app with TAEF


  • Hi,

    I have Javascript based Metro Application and I would like to test it using TAEF. Is there any documentation or related code sample that would provide some instructions on how to proceed?


    11 aprilie 2012 23:07


Toate mesajele

  • TAEF relates to driver development testing correct?  This is an HTML Metro style app forum so this does not apply.

    Jeff Sanders (MSFT)

    12 aprilie 2012 12:16
  • I could be more specific with my project: It is about Camera capture and recording metro style application. Javascript application calls WinRT APIs to set/get certain custom properties. If I need to test my driver using TEAF it means only WinRT portion can be verified? If you still think this question does not belong to this forum, where else would you suggest posting this question?

    12 aprilie 2012 15:40
  • batam2601,

    I will look into this for you.

    Best Wishes - Eric

    12 aprilie 2012 17:34
  • Thank you Eric. If needed I can provide a simple project sample as described above.

    13 aprilie 2012 04:48
  • You are wondering if your entire driver can be tested or just the Metro style device app interface?

    Best Wishes - Eric

    13 aprilie 2012 05:38
  • Could you please provide clarification on what you were referring to when stating "Metro style device app interface"?

    The intention is to verify a complete driver. However the certain camera driver properties (custom ones) are set/get using WinRT while others such as camera brightness is invoked by calling mediaCaptureManager.videoDeviceController interface withing the Javascript app.

    So the answer to your question is how to verify driver and its features that are invoked through WinRT interface and MediaCapture APIs.

    13 aprilie 2012 06:13
  • So both Desktop and Metro style apps are accessing the driver.
    13 aprilie 2012 06:21
  • Metro style apps would be accessing the driver.

    13 aprilie 2012 18:29
  • Hi Eric,

    Do you have updates regarding any this issue?

    17 aprilie 2012 20:46
  • Batam,

    TAEF allows you test all aspects of your driver.  The portion accessed by WinRT as well as the part accessed by desktop applications. 

    Best Wishes - Eric

    17 aprilie 2012 20:51
  • Hi Eric,

    Great to hear from you again!

    Is there any particular example to follow?

    I was looking into the online MSDN documentation but could not figure out how to do it for Metro apps.

    I greatly appreciate your help with this matter.

    17 aprilie 2012 20:57
  • In Visual Studio 11 select new project and then choose one of the two test templates.

    17 aprilie 2012 21:03
  • Can you please clarify how I can verify a portion of MediaCapture APIs, called from Javascript Application. 

    18 aprilie 2012 23:36
  • The tests are for device drivers that you write.  Or for drivers that you would like to test. 

    Best Wishes  - Eric 

    26 mai 2012 06:08