Extending MicrosoftThreat Modeling Tool


  • Hi,

    We would want to extend / customize the Microsoft threat modeling tool to do the following:

    1. Way to Import existing architecture diagrams, instead to creating the DFDs from scratch.

    2. Extending the Analyze Model functionality for including the increased attack surface in case of Cloud based applications, additional threat types for cloud based applications

    3. To Provide sample template code, suggestions etc to adapt in analyze model section. Currently Impact and solution is editable text boxes without any suggestions.

    Let me know, is there a way to extend/customize the threat modelling tool to our specific needs




    luni, 31 octombrie 2011 12:35


  • JP - thanks for your interest in extending the capabilities of the threat modeling tool.

    While we don't have such capabilities in the current release (version 3.1.8) of the tool, we have recieved such feedback from others as well and are looking at making these features available.

    Thanks for using the Microsoft SDL-Threat Modeling tool.

    SDL Team.

    Ashish Popli
    luni, 31 octombrie 2011 20:23