Cannot Add Elastic Tooling to Existing Shards - .dll Issue


  • I am attempting to add elastic tooling to an existing shard set in an Azure elastic pool by following the below and using Windows Powershell ISE.

    The first piece of powershell fails and asks me to check the Import-Module ShardElasticityModule. When running this it stages the "...ElasticScale.Client.dll" is not present in the "..\WindowsPowershell\Modules\ShardElasticityModule" folder. 

    The only way I could seem to get the dll to the module folder was downloading it manually from below, converted the nupkg to a zip file, retrieved the dll and added it to the powershell module folder.

    Now I get the error cannot load file or assembly "...ElasticScale.Client.dll" or one of its dependencies. I've tried many combinations of the files being in the "..\WindowsPowershell\Modules\ShardElasticityModule" folder, and different downloads of the dll, but get the same error. 

    Could anyone please assist? 


    sâmbătă, 12 mai 2018 12:50

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