Long Time Retention backup of SQL Database - No available backups 3 days after configuration.


  • Hey, 

    I am new on this forum, I hope I manage to follow the guidelines here to your satisfaction. 

    We have some SQL Databases hosted through our Azure-account. I know that MS made LTR available for database backup - great, I needed this for some of our DBs. I configured LTR a couple of times, last one just to keep montly backup for 6 months for said databases.

    Under the "Available backups", however, the backup sets does not seem to appear.

    Is this because the weekly/monthly/yearly backups run always after a schedule, even the initial backup set? I have not had any luck finding such a schedule, anyway. Or am I missing something? The configuration went smooth, no error messages, warnings etc. 

    I can't post screen shots until my account is verified, appearantly

    18 mai 2018 09:06

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