Long Time Retention backup of SQL Database - No available backups 3 days after configuration.


  • Hey, 

    I am new on this forum, I hope I manage to follow the guidelines here to your satisfaction. 

    We have some SQL Databases hosted through our Azure-account. I know that MS made LTR available for database backup - great, I needed this for some of our DBs. I configured LTR a couple of times, last one just to keep montly backup for 6 months for said databases.

    Under the "Available backups", however, the backup sets does not seem to appear.

    Is this because the weekly/monthly/yearly backups run always after a schedule, even the initial backup set? I have not had any luck finding such a schedule, anyway. Or am I missing something? The configuration went smooth, no error messages, warnings etc. 

    I can't post screen shots until my account is verified, appearantly

    vineri, 18 mai 2018 09:06

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  • Hello,

    Please make sure you have followed the steps provided on the following documentation:

    Hope this helps.


    Alberto Morillo

    vineri, 18 mai 2018 11:21
  • Hey Alberto, thanks for reply. 

    I have followed the documentation, and configuration looks correct: LTR-policy is set up to hold monthly backups for 6 monts. However, I am still not seing any available backups. And I did not get any warnings or errors from anywhere. 

    Do I have to explicitly define a storage account to make it work? If this is necessary, shouldn't it be stated somewhere in the documentation(as a prerequisite)?

    In an article on azure blog(blog/sql-database-long-term-backup-retention-preview-includes-major-updates/ - I am not allowed to link to until my account is verified), it is stated: "[...], SQL Database will utilize Azure Blob Storage under the covers to store and manage your long-term backups. "

    I wonder if anyone who has actually configured LTR can tell what happens after configuration: Is an initial backup set immediately created, or is the montly backups created strictly according to a schedule. If the latter: how is the schedule set for monthly backups of SQL Databases in Azure?
    marți, 22 mai 2018 12:17
  • Hi Joachim,

    Per the following documentation: Learn about automatic SQL Database backups

    SQL Database automatically creates database backups and uses Azure read-access geo-redundant storage (RA-GRS) to provide geo-redundancy. These backups are created automatically and at no additional charge. You don't need to do anything to make them happen. Database backups are an essential part of any business continuity and disaster recovery strategy because they protect your data from accidental corruption or deletion. If you want to keep backups in your own storage container you can configure a long-term backup retention policy. For more information, see Long-term retention.

    This is additional information to support what Alberto has already responded with. 



    vineri, 25 mai 2018 18:43