Azure SQL PaaS


  • We are trying to evaluate possibility of migrating our in-house SQL DB server to Azure SQL as a PaaS.

    Our legacy windows application which is written in VB6 and now running on VB.NET Framework 4.5  

    Clarifications I need if I migrate only DB server to Azure:

    1. We use both trusted / credential based SQL connection from our desktop application to connect to SQL DB. If we migrate to Azure SQL, will it support trusted connection which should authenticate current organizations NT user?

    2. We have lot of cross DB queries, do we need to face any challenge to use the queries as it is?

    3. Run time we take a DB backup / restore for some business cases. Does this work?

    4. Are there any restrictions on number of admin users on Azure DB?

    marți, 10 iulie 2018 09:14

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