how to use two robots on the same environment ?


  •  Greetings,

     I am a french student at the university, and i am searching a way to control two robots in the same simulated environment. I haven't found any tutorial that explains how to do this with VPL, does anyone have a solution ?

    8 februarie 2012 13:10


  • 1. Insert the desired scene Simulator
    2. switch to the Edit mode Simulator
    3. in the object tree to select robot, copy and paste it into the scene. now in the stage will be two robot, but they are on the same coordinates, so you need to move a robot in the other coordinates
    4. switch the SIM in Run mode
    5. save the generated scene in the installation directory of MRDS. The result should be generated two files
    6. close the VPL
    7. open the DSS Manifest Editor saved scene, and then save it in the same way. Close The DSS Manifest Editor
    8. now you have a manifest that contains two differential drive that you can manage separately. To do this, create a new chart in VPL Editor, add SimulatedDifferentialDrive and SimulatedDifferentialDrive0, in their preferences, specify reference to the generated manifest.


    10 februarie 2012 07:54