Is Azure right for me?


  • Dear friends,

    I am a one-man I.T. company. I use a laptop/desktop for my work. I have a few SQL databases + front-end applications in client-server mode developed using Visual C#/WPF. All developed by me.

    Some of my applications process large amount historical data and often run processes that take several minutes to complete on my laptop or desktop.

    You can say, I have almost no idea what Azure is and how it works. My thinking is that if I move my SQL DB and associated front-end to a much more powerful cloud server, (1) It will run much faster (2) I can run it from any laptop or any place (3) I don't have to worry about my laptops/desktops crashing.

    Q. Is azure the solution for what I am trying to achieve? How difficult is it to learn for someone who has not done any Server Admin stuff beyond WinNT/2000 days? Note that I only want to learn enough to do the above?


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