Approval for preview of Managed Instances - but still says Pending in portal


  • After requesting access to the  preview of MI, I got an email 22March saying "We are glad to notify that your subscription is enrolled", but it still shows as 'Pending Approval' in the managed instances blade in (as of 27March)

    Anyone else seeing this? 

    marți, 27 martie 2018 19:45


  • Hello,

    @Richard Macaskill An issue with your account was fixed by Azure SQL Database team. You should be able to access resources now.

    @SQLRockStar SQL Azure team is working on it. Probably will not be available for you this week. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Hope this helps.


    Alberto Morillo

    miercuri, 28 martie 2018 15:26

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