Define the correct value for maxConnectionsToServer parameter..


  • Hi, i've a 5 wcf services that use a appfabric.

    I've a created a wrapper class for cache, with singleton pattern.

    This wrapper it is used by wcf service.

    Now, how can chooise the correct value for maxConnectionsToServer parameter ?



    17 februarie 2012 13:32

Toate mesajele

  • It depends on how much throughput are you expecting from the cache service. Only if you need high throughput, increasing > 1 would help. What is the usage rate of cache in this case (from all wcf services)?
    20 februarie 2012 03:59
  • Hi, i use the cache (for example) for retrieve the user permission's of any user....So everytime i call a "generic" method of my service, before i check if the user must be authenticate..(by user permission's).

    My question is : ok for increase >1 the parameter, but i must set a 2,3,4,5,...10 value ?


    20 februarie 2012 07:05
  • Hi Massimiliano,

    There is no standard value for maxConnectionsToServer. It depends on a lot of factors like what is your scenario( for example less puts, more gets or how many server nodes and their configuration). If each WCF service makes only few hundered requests/minute then probably the default value of 1 is sufficient. It is better to check throughput/latency in your application by increasing value of the parameter by 1.



    20 februarie 2012 13:13