POCO Concept


  • Hi All,

    I implemented a project using Silverlight and WCF RIA services. But now my new requirement is to move this to the new POCO concept i.e., Plain old CLR objects.

    My questions is I created a custome class and did provide the Key information in the class but how do I map this class so that it retrieves data from my ADO.NET Entity Data Model... How do I interact with my Data Model??



    19 octombrie 2010 10:38


  • That is way beyond the scope of just RIA Services. I recommend checking the main Entity Framework forum at MSDN for help using POCOs with Entity Framework. You can also check out Julie Lerman's Entity Framework 4.0 book which covers both how to use POCOs with Entity Framework and then how to use them with RIA Services.

    19 octombrie 2010 11:12