Example scanner not showing in posdm


  • I have installed HSM POS4NET Suite.

    I contacted Honeywell and they sent me a barcode to put the scanner in USB HID Mode.

    Here is my xml called 3800r.xml and copied it to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\microsoft shared\Point Of Service\Control Configurations

    <PointOfServiceConfig Version="1.0">
        <ServiceObject Type="Scanner" Name="Example Scanner">
            <HardwareId From="HID\VID_0536&amp;PID_0167" To="HID\VID_0536&amp;PID_0167" />
            <HardwareId From="HID\VID_0536&amp;PID_0167&amp;REV_00?3" To="HID\VID_0536&amp;PID_0167&amp;REV_00?3" />

    Run I run posdm listdevices, my example scanner does not show up.
    These other two items do, but I did not create them

    Is my xml correct?

    That is the correct directory, right?

    24 februarie 2012 22:23

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  • I have never seen a ? in a pid before. Try removing this line:

    <HardwareId From="HID\VID_0536&amp;PID_0167&amp;REV_00?3" To="HID\VID_0536&amp;PID_0167&amp;REV_00?3" />

    The POS4NET tools might have installed a different service object. If so, I would go with this service object as it might be more up todate.


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    25 februarie 2012 04:18
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