Page Blob - Sever Encrypted TRUE


  • Hi, 

    I have restored a encrypted unmanaged disk to a new VM with Azure Backup.

    I have also disabled Disk enkryption on the new VM with below:
    Disable-AzureRmVMDiskEncryption -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGorup -VMName "Restore-VM"

    Get-AzureRmVMDiskEncryptionStatus -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroup -VMName "Restore-VM"

    OsVolumeEncrypted          : NotEncrypted
    DataVolumesEncrypted       : NotEncrypted
    OsVolumeEncryptionSettings : Microsoft.Azure.Management.Compute.Models.DiskEncryptionSettings
    ProgressMessage            : OsVolume: NotEncrypted, DataVolumes: NotEncrypted

    Then i try to switch disk to another VHD and recives an error that the disk is enkrypted and if i check the page blob vhd it says 
    Server Encrypted = true

    Anyone have an idea what ive missed? 

    13 iunie 2018 13:44

Toate mesajele

  • When you say, “Then I try to switch disk to another VHD receives an error that the disk is encrypted” what exactly are you trying to do?

    Have you selected a managed disk or unmanaged disk while restoring?

    13 iunie 2018 15:02
  • Hi, 

    Iam running the below to switch to the restored disk on the orginial VM.

    #Get the VM config to a variable
    $VM = Get-AzureRmVM -Name $VMname -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroup

    #Stop and deallocate the VM
    Stop-AzureRmVM -Name $VM.Name -ResourceGroupName $VM.ResourceGroupName -Force

    #swap out the OS disk using the VM variable
    $VM.StorageProfile.OsDisk.Vhd.Uri = ''

    #Update the VM configuration
    Update-AzureRmVM -VM $VM -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroup

    Iam then reciving:

    Update-AzureRmVM : Swapping OS Disk is not supported for VMs using disk encryption settings.
    ErrorCode: OperationNotAllowed
    ErrorMessage: Swapping OS Disk is not supported for VMs using disk encryption settings.
    StatusCode: 409
    ReasonPhrase: Conflict
    OperationID : 588fef3a-3630-4ff6-a875-7940cb9608cd
    At line:1 char:1
    + Update-AzureRmVM -VM $VM -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroup
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        + CategoryInfo          : CloseError: (:) [Update-AzureRmVM], ComputeCloudException
        + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.Azure.Commands.Compute.UpdateAzureVMCommand

    13 iunie 2018 17:34
  • Are you following any documentation for step-by-step process?

    Could you double check the disk encryption  (Storage Service Encription and Disk Encription) status and retry the operation?

    If you haven’t referred, refer the below article to swap an Azure VM OS disk:

    Change the OS disk used by an Azure VM using PowerShell

    14 iunie 2018 19:57
  • Just checking in if you have had a chance to see the previous response. Could you share the above required information  to understand/investigate this issue further?

    17 iunie 2018 12:57
  • You are getting this error message since the original VM will have disk encryption settings enabled.  You can verify encryption enabled status in azure portal -> VM -> disk -> settings.


    18 iunie 2018 08:06