I want to configure shared disk which can access multiple VM on Cluster


  • Hi,

    I have 2 web server are running on tomcat  and it uses shared disk from SAN . Now I want to migrate these servers  to azure , But I did not  find any method to configure disk as shared disk to store website data. So is there any method to configure disk as shared disk drives in between azure VMs.



    marți, 10 iulie 2018 07:35

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  • You can use Azure file storage as a shared storage between Azure Virtual Machines. Let us know if it doesn’t meet your requirements.

    marți, 10 iulie 2018 13:14
  • Hi Vikranth,

    I am looking for a block level storage shared disk not file storage.



    miercuri, 11 iulie 2018 19:28
  • You can achieve this on Linux machines using Blobfuse. Blobfuse is a virtual file system driver for Azure Blob Storage, which allows you to access your existing block blob data in your Storage account through the Linux file system. Azure Blob Storage is an object storage service and therefore does not have a hierarchical namespace. Blobfuse provides this namespace using the virtual directory scheme with the use of forward-slash '/' as a delimiter.

    You can’t mount Azure blob storage as a file share if you want to use Windows servers.

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    joi, 12 iulie 2018 13:26
  • @Vimal

    Just checking in if you have had a chance to see the previous response.

    vineri, 13 iulie 2018 21:55
  • There are three ways to accomplish that. 

    1. Using Azure File Sync. I have created a guide for this at my blog

    2. Use Windows Server 2016 SOFS Cluster

    3. Use a Third Party virtual SAN device

    Pantelis Apostolidis |
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    luni, 16 iulie 2018 20:12