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  • What You'll Build

    You'll implement a simple movie-listing application that supports creating, editing, and listing movies from a database. Below are two screenshots of the application you’ll build. It includes a page that displays a list of movies from a database:


    The application also lets you add, edit, and delete movies, as well as see details about individual ones. All data-entry scenarios include validation to ensure that the data stored in the database is correct.

    Skills You'll Learn

    Here's what you'll learn:

    • How to create a new ASP.NET MVC project.
    • How to create ASP.NET MVC controllers and views.
    • How to create a new database using the Entity Framework Code First paradigm.
    • How to retrieve and display data.
    • How to edit data and enable data validation.

    Getting Started

    Start by running Visual Web Developer 2010 Express ("Visual Web Developer" for short) and select New Project from the Start page.

    Visual Web Developer is an IDE, or integrated development environment. Just like you use Microsoft Word to write documents, you'll use an IDE to create applications. In Visual Web Developer there's a toolbar along the top showing various options available to you. There's also a menu that provides another way to perform tasks in the IDE. (For example, instead of selecting New Project from the Start page, you can use the menu and select File > New Project.)

    Creating Your First Application

    You can create applications using either Visual Basic or Visual C# as the programming language. Select Visual C# on the left and then select ASP.NET MVC 3 Web Application. Name your project "MvcMovie" and then click OK. (If you prefer Visual Basic, switch to the Visual Basic version of this tutorial.)

    In the New ASP.NET MVC 3 Project dialog box, select Internet Application. Check Use HTML5 markup and leave Razor as the default view engine.


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