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  • Hello,

    we need some help to get the best choice for transfer client files from Web App hosted on Azure (files are in the wwwroot folder) to Azure storage.

    Actually clients save personal files in a directory identified by own id.

    These are most important requirements with some doubts:

    1. Client Authorization on directory;
    2. Files backup;
    3. Preview and Updating files on the actually WebApp;
    4. any solution for transferring all file with some tool (-> AzCopy?);

    We see both Blob Storage and FileStorage, but we are confused. Does these option meet our requirements?

    Thank you for any help about.


    15 mai 2018 10:46


  • Yes. You can Use Azure Blob storage for storing your data and have your app talk to this to get data. This would give you as much storage as you want, but obviously your app needs to know how to talk to blob storage. Azure Blob storage is useful for massive-scale, cloud-native applications that need to store unstructured data. To maximize performance and scale, Azure Blob storage is a simpler storage abstraction than a true file system.

    Also, check out the suggestions mentioned in the documentation Get started with Azure Blob storage using .NET for using blob storage with WebApps.


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    16 mai 2018 17:51

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