Can not delete storage account


  • Hi,

      1) When I try to delete storage account which has an image attached to it, I delete all in the container, but it won't let me delete the storage account.

       2) Are Machine learning models stored in a storage account?



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  • The procedure to remove the disk image from the blob repository is:

    After that, the storage account can be deleted.

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    As far as Machine Learning goes, refer to

    "Machine Learning Studio relies on a user-supplied Azure storage account to save intermediary data when it executes the workflow. This storage account is provided to Machine Learning Studio when a workspace is created. After the workspace is created, if the storage account is deleted and can no longer be found, the workspace will stop functioning, and all experiments in that workspace will fail.

    If you accidentally deleted the storage account, recreate the storage account with the same name in the same region as the deleted storage account. After that, resync the access key."


    duminică, 15 aprilie 2018 11:57
  • Oh, my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 Now I got a real problem, recreate, it has it already, it's NOT THE PROBLEM!

    I deleted the real one, the old one was useless and not linked to it. It has a disk in container which is not exist :  which has a disabled  ... Detach, not clickable or delete. 

    Now my VM is can not restart anymore.

    This resource was not found, it may have been deleted. /subscriptions/xxxx3-fxxx184-9xx2-13xxxx3xxx13/resourceGroups/Default-Storage-SouthCentralUS/providers/Microsoft.ClassicStorage/storageAccounts/machstore

    How to syn it?!

    What is wrong actually!!


    marți, 17 aprilie 2018 17:06
  • The error typically occurs when you are requesting an operation that is not permitted in the resource's current state. If you haven’t tried deleting the Storage Account via Azure Resource Explorer  you may try that and let us know the outcome/status.

     Caution: when deleting any resources, only delete the unwanted item as it is irrecoverable.

    miercuri, 18 aprilie 2018 15:13
  • Hi,

      I did it from under my subscription and resource group, changed it to read/write, then clicked on post delete tab, it marked as okay/deleting, but when I check on it, it's still there.

      Also how to sync storage with ML studeo?

      It's been a long time I am struglling with it, need to resolve it asap!!!!!



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  • Resyn key only display a text message, no input box to resync it.

    Could someone help, it's horibble to delete the corrent and couldnt run it.

    I am desperate and have been wait for a week, it's important for the Azure platform to run on time!


    vineri, 20 aprilie 2018 23:54
  • We need some sensitive information for further troubleshoot. Because this needs a direct interaction to work on the possible solution. We recommend you to contact us by creating a technical support ticket -  

    duminică, 22 aprilie 2018 18:22
  • I did last Friday, no one get back to me.

    It's frustrating and took a long time to get in touch with a tech support who really can solve the problem.

    Can you just give me a clue, I found where to resync.

    Thanks greatly!


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  • Request you to share the SR number for further investigation .

    marți, 24 aprilie 2018 18:48
  • It happends everything time when we are in production and it takes forever to fix a stupic issue,

    No one takes responsibilityes.


    miercuri, 25 aprilie 2018 22:07
  • Could you share the Azure support case number. We will take a look at the case details.
    vineri, 27 aprilie 2018 19:25
  • Could you share your support ticket number to follow up on it ? 
    marți, 8 mai 2018 20:58
  • [REG:118042318056796] , maybe too late for recovery, I don't know what they are doing all the time.

    I lost two important projects that I paid for 6 month, one website which I redo it and still can not upload it since I can not access security to open ports.

    It's horrible!


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