Migrate a multiple DB to Azure as a archiving/backup solution


  • Hi ,

    I am working on solutions for the below scenario :

    We have about 500+ databases that sizes might varies from 2GB to 2TB . ( total of 75TB information that will increase 25% annually). we don`t need to access to the information all the times as these are archive information ,but will need to restore/do a query on the databases time to time, 

    so in this case so far there are 2 options I could think of :

    1- backup to the blob 

    2- migrate the databases to Azure SQL Database .

    I was wondering if there is pros and cons or any other option that I am missing

    Thank you!

    marți, 10 iulie 2018 18:14


  • No, in that case, you need Azure File Share, that is what we have used for all our DB servers.
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    luni, 17 septembrie 2018 15:31

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