can the 'max concurrent sessions' be even bigger than 30,000


  • Under the limits of both the DTU-based resource and vCore-based resource, I found the biggest number the max concurrent sessions to be 30,000. Can this number increase?

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    luni, 11 iunie 2018 15:57

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  • Hello,

    That’s the limit 30,000 max concurrent sessions for both DTU-based and vCore-based databases.

    This is true for Azure SQL Database and for Managed instances also.

    Could you describe on what scenario you are expecting more than 30,000 concurrent sessions? So we can share it with Azure team.

    Hope this helps.


    Alberto Morillo

    luni, 11 iunie 2018 18:12
  • I'd like to hear the description too.

    I'll recite a couple of factoids here.

    I was working on a "web scale" app where we might have 100,000 concurrent users, and the question was whether our Azure app and the Azure SQL database could handle it.

    So first note that 100,000 users does not necessarily require 100,000 concurrent database sessions.  Most Microsoft-platform apps use connection pooling.  We never went much about I think it was 5,000 connections, and optimal throughput was somewhat lower.  It will of course depend on the details of the application, locking and blocking, etc.

    And some users requests to the app may not touch the database at all.

    The number of app servers, and connections per app server, control how many connections in all the pools together.  Note that the standard app architecture (taking requests from browsers out in the world) also queues up requests to some extent, so if you have 5,000 connections that process requests quickly, the app queues may handle the 100,000 concurrent users long enough to process them all without loss.

    I would not expect 30,000 concurrent users for standard Azure apps to be any kind of problem.

    (however I did have a request in to see about booking more app servers in premium mode, and OMG the pricing)


    marți, 12 iunie 2018 03:03
  • Hi Alberto,

    we wanted to know whether the 30,000 concurrent sessions were accessing all Databases or each Database. We are working with countless databases. 

    thank you.

    vineri, 22 iunie 2018 13:09