Assigning IP numbers to new virtual machines


  • I am a bit lost in how a external or internal ip number is assigned to e newly created hyper-v machine when using a System Center Virtual Machine Manager intgrated template.

    Creating the template following this article does not mention SCVMM and is not specific to assigning ip addresses via an unattend.xml file.

    I have dedicated IP addresses in the WSP Portal to the Hosting Space for the virtual private servers of the customer, they show up as being dedicated to the VPS cloud of the customer.

    The VPS Cloud Hosting Space enables the external IP numbers to the customer, but when creating a VM as the customer, I am only able to enable or disable external IP functionality, but I am nog able too select an IP number from the assigned IP addresspool.

    My questions is if this should be possible and have I misconfigured my IP addressing or Hosting Space?


    Do I have to use DHCP.


    Do I have to configure a predifined IP number via unattend.xml

    I do not see any errors in the audit logs regarding the creation of the virtual machine.

    29 iulie 2011 09:19

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