MVC Application_Start and AppFabric AlwaysRunning


  • Is it possible to invoke Application_Start when using AppFabric and AlwaysRunning for an application pool?   I have read

    http://blogs.iis.net/appfabric/archive/2010/12/09/wcf-and-appfabric-autostart.aspx and


    however it appears from the description of what Auto-Starting an asp.net application should do is call the Application_Start method for the website.  If I want to write a custom provider to do this (which I have on another proof of concept) I need to manually update a config file for this to work.  Additionally there are quite a few things that might be happening in the Application_Start method:  initializing routing, registering IOC containers, caching, service bus registration etc.  So to pull all that out and put it into a custom provider seems odd.

    Are there any plans for AppFabric to instantiate the Application_Start during warm up?  If not any suggestions on how others are handling all of the other things that are currently being done in Application_Start that would be nice to have done before someone hits the site for the first time?

    Thank you, Wade

    21 martie 2012 17:34

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