I have code perfect but doen't give total So what's wrong?


  • If radMen.Checked = True Then

                lblYears.Text = InputBox("What is your age?", "", "Years")
                lblWeight.Text = InputBox("What is your weight?", " ")
                lblInches1.Text = InputBox("What is your height?", "Inches")
                lblYears.Text = InputBox("What is your age?", "Years")
                lblKilograms2.Text = InputBox("what is your weight in Kilograms")
                lblMeters.Text = InputBox("what is your height?", " Meters/ centimers?")
                'Display the total.
                BMRTotal = CDbl(66) + CDbl(6.23) * CDbl(lblWeight.Text) + CDbl(12.7) * CDbl(lblInches1.Text) - CDbl(6.8) * CDbl(lblYears1.Text)
                'Displays the men's
                BMRTotal = CDbl(66) + CDbl(13.7) * CDbl(lblKilograms2.Text) + CDbl(9.5) * CDbl(lblMeters.Text) - CDbl(6.8) * CDbl(lblYears.Text)
            End If
        End Sub

    9 martie 2012 23:57

Toate mesajele

  • Hi Del4me,

    Welcome to the MSDN forum.

    I’d like to clarify what type BMRTotal is in your code. I’ve tried your code, and it works fine when I use BMRTotal as label control. In addition, I’d like to suggest you add breakpoint at code that setting value of BMRTotal  to watch the process for detailed information.

    I’d appreciate your feedback and have a nice day.

    Shanks Zen
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    12 martie 2012 05:02