PutBlob not working once deployed to IIS 8


  • I built an MVC project in VS 2017.  My blob.UploadFromStreamAsync call works when run on my local machine with VS (IIS Express)- files are successfully uploaded to a live Azure Storage account.  When I publish the project and transfer the files to a co-located IIS 8 (Windows Server 2012) machine, the await blob.UploadFromStreamAsync fails to upload the blob to Azure. However, I can see that the browser is successfully posting the data to the website.  I have also attempted to post data using Postman.  The Azure log files are not indicating an error.  The IIS log files are not indicating an error. Fiddler 4 is not capturing the IIS to Azure transfer.  I opened port 80, 443 and 445 to outgoing traffic. I have added a _AzureStorageConnectionString connection string to web.config.  The WindowsAzure.Storage library used is version v9.2.0.

    I don't know if there is something else that needs to be configured on the IIS 8 (Windows Server 2012) box. I could use some help figuring out how to troubleshoot this issue.

    Thank you

    marți, 26 iunie 2018 07:38


  • Finding the Cipher suites used by Azure Storage was useful-

    There were some cipher suites that I needed enable plus I needed to enable all of the RC4 Ciphers

    • Marcat ca răspuns de Luigi Formosa vineri, 13 iulie 2018 07:53
    vineri, 13 iulie 2018 07:52

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