Managed Disk Encryption vs Azure Disk Encryption


  • According to Azure:

    "Managed disks created since June 10, 2017 are encrypted at rest with Storage Service Encryption (SSE). You may also want to enable Azure Disk Encryption."

    So if the Managed disks are now encrypted, what is the point of enabling Azure Disk Encryption? What am I missing?  

    marți, 12 iunie 2018 13:34


  • Hi!

    The reason to use Azure Disk Encryption (ADE) is because it offers IaaS virtual machines that are secure at REST with technology that meets industry and company standards.

    The other reason is that it also offers IaaS virtual machines to boot under customer-controlled keys and policies which you can audit the usage through the key vault.

    While Storage Service Encryption (SSE) does not offer any support for managed keys for managed disks, as of now.

    Note: Both of these encryptions are REST technologies.

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    marți, 12 iunie 2018 13:54

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