Windows Explorer for Windows Phone 7.x


  • I want a way to see my files in Windows Phone. If there is no way, then I just have to throw my phone out. I want to request Developers of Microsoft that please develop a way or an app to explore contents of windows phone 7.x. If you cannot it has to be said that you guys are way behind than freelance developers working behind Android. You are snatching exactly those things for which we love Windows by removing file explorer. I do not know you can do market survey or not. If you can, you will not remove those essential features from WP. I am sorry my harsh remarks. But it is very serious matter.
    15 decembrie 2012 15:12

Toate mesajele

  • I do not believe windows explorer app is available for the windows phone for security reasons.  Personally I would not need to have antivirus program on my phone like is needed for android phones.
    15 decembrie 2012 15:45
  • Crossposted and not a development topic or a tools for development topic.

    15 decembrie 2012 16:42
  • The main reason there is not a native app. is because the phone's file system won't make sense to most users.  Each app. has access to a virtual file system which isn't shared across applications.  And so you'll have a tough time finding your app.'s files.

    Heathcliff73 released many tools over time to help you out though if you're still curious.  You'll need to Interop-unlock your device first, but then you can install a suite of familiar utilities from  http://wp7roottools.com/.

    19 decembrie 2012 23:43